To buy from other countries

The book "Neuquén: Volcanes y Pehuenes" (entirely translated to English) can be acquired from outside Argentina by paying through Paypal. Shipments are made through "Correo Argentino" (official post office in Argentina), with delays that varies from one to two weeks (air shipments), according to three categories with different costs:

Next countries: Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile.

Rest of America: Includes all countries in America, except the mentioned above.

Rest of the World: Any other country in the world that is not located in America.

Current prices (January 2019):

US$ (US dollars) 1 book 2 books*
Next countries 79 129
Rest of America 109 155
Rest of the World 135 189

(*) Could be freely combined with our "Provinces Collection" books, belonging to the same series.

How to pay?

It is very simple, touch the image below and enter the amount that corresponds to your purchase:

If it does not work, use the following link:

Communicate to the following email for any coordination or clarification preference:

Do not forget to send your Mailing Address carefully and completely (your book will be sent in the next 24 hours, in a sealed package in "heat-sealed" printing and conveniently packed to the exact address that you enter and it will be sent to you the code for its tracking). The publisher cannot be held responsible if the package cannot be delivered due to poorly consigned or non-existent addresses, in case of absence of the recipient or lack of solicitude in the offices after notices at destination, or other issues beyond the domain of the publisher, as customs policies of the destination country.